• Developing more effective visualizations and decision support for hospital emergency departments (AHRQ R01 project being led by MEDSTAR)

  • Assessing the impact of current and advanced train technologies on the performance of railroad personnel including train dispatchers, train crews, and roadway workers (for the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center)

  • Developing work-centered support systems for planning and execution of air transport missions (Subcontractor to BBN Technologies on projects sponsored by AFRL).

  • Developing improved cognitive analysis methods to support human reliability analysis for nuclear power plant application (Subcontractor to Idaho National Labs on a project sponsored by the U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission).

  • Supporting design and licensing of the control room for a next-generation power plant, including conducting simulator-based evaluations of crew performance in simulated power plant emergencies using a next-generation control room simulator (for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)

Recent and current ongoing projects of Roth Cognitive Engineering include:

Recent Projects